mr. robot

Spoiler warning for Mr. Robot below!

I can’t remember the exact words anymore but when Jamie introduced Mr. Robot to the class, he described it as “dystopian”, a word that stood out to me because I wouldn’t have described it as such at all.  Mr. Robot‘s world feels very much like our own.

We are all familiar with the idea of revolution.  Through social media and the press we have all heard about (and likely been encouraged to engage in, one way or the other) things like #blacklivesmatter or the Occupy movement.  Further away from home, we all know about the Arab Spring and the unrest in the Middle East.  I have never particularly felt like this information was not available to me.  I agree with almost every part of Elliot’s “fuck society” speech, and I think where the show becomes painfully meta is when Elliot says: “I’m not saying why; we all know why.  It’s not because Hunger Games books make us happy but because we want to be sedated.”

Here I am, watching Mr. Robot.

The interior of Evil Corp seems so calm in the season finale, not even shaken by a suicide among their ranks, and they seem to already know far more than they let on with Whiterose beside them.  The other members of fsociety pose the question of “what next?” to Darlene, who avoids answering.

Meaningful change feels very hard when even fsociety, in its fictional world, doesn’t seem to be able to really fix anything.  Perhaps I have lost faith in revolutions, even fictional ones, without ever participating in them.  Mr. Robot has called me out on my cowardice, but it hasn’t given me any hope.  Will it?  Does it have to?

god this show makes me SO SAD

mr. robot

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