Extra Thoughts on LPs

  • it is definitely important to recognize that the most popular and most successul LPs are pretty much all white males, that their jokes and discussions can often be offensive and alienating, and that they often react poorly to criticism from the community about them – AH is actually possibly one of the worst about this imo
  • there are also many, many smaller channels that are trying to break into the scene, many of which break that mold
  • considering the nature of these videos, while you can condense the time it takes to watch them (watching at faster speeds or skipping through boring parts), I think it’s rare that people do, so most can only be loyal to a few channels just because of the time the videos take up
  • alternatively, I know some people care less about the LPers and more about the actual games – this seems to be an incredibly important distinction
  • there is an immense focus on community/audience on most LP channels – how do certain channels and videos become popular, anyway? is it all through some inherently social aspect of sharing?  it’s not like these channels pay to put out ads
  • what about all the different kinds of videos about video games?  what about silent playthroughts?  LPs with only one LPer?  pre-recorded gameplay with voiceover reactions?  shows with pre-recorded gameplay from different games cut together as something else is being discussed in voiceover?  how do we approach the levels of editing?  what if the footage comes from someone else?  what if the editing is done by someone else?  what if the voiceover is scripted?  what about videos about LPers, the people who play video games, talking about but not playing games?
  • what about streaming, which is like a whole different market?  what about how most streamers have youtube (and hire editers for them) or use something like oddshot?  what about live events (that are mostly competitive, so it’s like going to watch a sports game)?  what about how you can just watch your friends on steam?  or screenshare on skype?  there are so many different ways to spectate or perform the act of “playing video games”
Extra Thoughts on LPs

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